So many advertisements!!!

So many advertisements!!!

Have you wondered why are there so many advertisements while you are playing a song on YouTube or while you are listening to a song on Spotify? Or that random post in between your Facebook and Instagram scrolling?

Advertisements have been in the market now for a long time as a paid marketing tool that helps in increasing interest, awareness of products or services, and turning humans (potential customers) into clients. We are exposed to advertisements in so many different ways- TV, Radios, billboards, digital platforms, social media, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Businesses advertise to create awareness of their product or services and grab attention as it is said “people tend to believe what they see”. Advertisements help in promoting your business by, influencing people to buy or at least try the product or service once thereby generating sales. It is not necessarily always about selling, it can also be used as a method to tell customers about your business specifics, your products, or services, your launches, or change of information

Advertisements can help you stand out, give you a competitive edge. Understanding the target audience and suitable method of advertisement to grow your business is very important.

But how do you know your target customer?
How do you know which method of advertisement is good?
Have you been thinking of increasing awareness about your company or services?

We at Violet Frames focus on understanding the specific needs of your business, defining the target market, and helping you create a customized marketing strategy.

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