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Payyans is a slapstick comedy that narrates the story of a reckless youth who is forced to act his age and take responsibility for his actions. The film explores the relationship between a mother and a child. The central character Josy (Jayasurya) is brought up all by his mother (Rohini). Josy`s problems start with the disappearance of his father. He drops out from college to start his own business. But he does not succeed in his venture because of the lifestyle he leads. The film takes a turn when his long-lost father enters the picture and attempts to bring his life back in shape.

Director :Leo Thaddeus

Mullamottum Munthicharum

About the movie

Churatta Jose, a local goon and an expert snake catcher is stabbed on his stomach by someone at night. A flash back reveals his early life.

Director : Aneesh Anwar

Poyi Maranju Parayathe

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The film tells the story of a household where several murders have happened. The plot picks up from a point many years after the killings, and what happens next.

Director :Martin C Joseph

Kammath & Kammath

About the movie

A story of two brothers who migrated to Goa from Kochi during the Portuguese invasion. `Kammath & Kammath` depicts the obstacles two brothers face while running their hotel business. This laugh riot also features a comic song, titled `Dosa` which shows the duo dancing while serving dosa. The movie features Mammootty and Dileep in the lead roles with Karthika Nair, Rima Kallingal and Narain in supporting roles. Tamil actor, Dhanush also has a cameo role in the film as himself.

Director :Thomson K Thomas


About the movie

After the debut success of Ivar Vivahitharayal with the miracle star Jayasurya in the leading role director Sajisurendran and his crew is back again with KUNJALIYAN. The movie speaks about the changes happening in the life of a youngster who returns to his village Gopalapuram from the Middle East as a multimillionaire. The movie tries to exhibit the good and bad aspects of money which plays a crucial role in human life and relationships.

Director :Saji Surendran

Cherukkanum Pennum

About the movie

Director :Pradeep Nair

Day Night Game

About the movie

After Abhirami helps Arjun get a job at the bank she works at, the two fall in love. However, they are soon faced with an obstacle that they must get through together.

Director :Shibu Prabhakar


About the movie

Madhavan, a grocery shop owner, witnesses the murder of Thomas, the Son of an influential man in the city. He is hell-bent on getting the murderer behind bars.


Director : G.N. Krishnakumar , Jiyen Krishnakumar


About the movie

Priya, a poor salesgirl, is given accommodation by her co-worker, Shweta, who lives in a posh apartment. But everything turns upside down when she discovers the dark side of Shweta.

Director : Umer Mohammed

8.20 AM

About the movie

8:20 is a ‘new genre movie’ directed by Syaam Mohan. Dr Arjun Nandakumar plays the male lead and Avvantika Mohan plays the female lead.

Director :Syaam


About the movie

A comic caper set in Bangalore, Kili Poyi promises a fun ride following the escapades of Chacko & Hari, played by Asif and Aju.

Director :Vinay Govind

Cinema Company

About the movie

The story revolves around four youngsters – Paul, Paru, Paniker and Fazal, who aspire to make it big in the Film Industry. The film starts with the easy-go-lucky guys getting introduced to the audience. Later their not-so-serious attitude under question, provokes them to jump into a decision to make a movie. Will they be able to make a movie with their lack of practical experience and exposure? Do dreams really come true?

Director :Mamas Chandran


About the movie

`Poppins` is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by V. K. Prakash. It stars ten leading actors as five couples. The film is an adaptation of the Sahitya Akademi award-winning play `8 Natakangal` by Jayaprakash Kuloor. The story centers around man-woman relationships which are weaved into a single story, encapsulating the struggles of a filmmaker, exploring different facets of the institution called marriage.

Director :V. K. Prakash

Natholy Oru Cheriya Meen Alla

About the movie

Natholi Cheriya Meenalla is a Malayalam drama film released in the year 2013. The story is about a writer, who is the caretaker of a flat and faces some strange and unexpected events in the flat. He starts writing a story based on these strange events and creates some fictional characters in the story as well as around him. The film takes a turn when he faces conflict in the fictional characters and his own behavior involving in the characters.

Director :V. K. Prakash

Malgudy Days

About the movie

The movie is set in the backdrop of an imaginary school named Malgudi Residential School. The movie revolves around a mysterious man Zephan Solomon and two students of this school.


Director : Vinod , Visakh , Vivek

Thank You

About the movie

The film is shown to be a reflection of the current socio-political system, based on the violence against women.It revolves around a person who arrives in Trivandrum city who takes a ride from place to place in an Autorickshaw. His name or whereabouts are not revealed, and he just travels from place to place in the auto rickshaw. The questions about his whereabouts form the rest of the story.

Director : V.K. Prakash